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Judo sports in St. Lorenzen go back to the 1970s. And the following years, the association’s judo section saw a great upswing. Early on, regular contacts were made to judo clubs abroad. Visits to each other on sporting and social occasions soon became highlights. In addition to these far-reaching contacts, the Lorenzen athletes soon made sure its judo club was renowned beyond the country’s borders.

Judo is still very popular and the club has more than 160 registered members.  The aim is to guide young talent prudently and with vision through this tried and tested school to success. The judo section counts 17 dan holders among its successful ranks

The youngest success story is Marion Huber, who triumphed at the European Cup and won the bronze medal in Romania. This is her biggest victory to date and this was due in no small part to her trainer Kurt Steurer. Marion Huber has been training with ASV St. Lorenzen for the past seven years. During the last two years, she won the Italian championship title twice and fought her way to victory in 2009 and won the bronze medal at the state championships in Rome. She joined the national team in 2010.

Dr. Hellweger was a successful judoka as well and he competed in the Italian championship in 1976. Kronberg also sponsored festivities to mark 40th anniversary.


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