Participation financing

The BF.direkt AG is specializes in the structuring and implementation of real estate financing for institutional investors in apartment and commercial real estate.

The selection of suitable financing partner and instruments provide investors due to the increasing scarcity of credit resources, and higher quality requirements to the borrower    (eg. covenants) face increasing challenges. The BF.direkt AG has a team of highly experienced consultants, who are specialize in structuring and monitoring of complex financial processes. The BF.direkt AG supports and relieves decision on the investment side in all funding issue. The consulting firm analyzed the existing product-neutral financing structures for possible optimization potentials and accompanies them in the financing process in the negotiations with potential banking partners.

Also in the observance and monitoring of financial ratios during the repayment period, the management team of BF.direkt AG is supportive. BF.direkt is a mediator for the optimization of the transaction process to purchaser or to the seller .


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