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Die Ärztekammer Steiermark

The Ärztekammer für Steiermark (the Medical Association of Steiermark) is a public body and administers pensions with a volume of around 450 million euros for its 6,300 medical and dental members through a welfare fund. Thus, it is the second largest fund of its kind in the entire Austrian medical association.

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conwert Immobilien Invest AG

conwert Immobilien Invest AG

The Conwert Immobilien Invest AG is a central European residential property company and the leading developer of old buildings in Austria. The company invests in valuable, inner-city residential properties with potential for development. Conwert is listed on the prime market of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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Prelios S.p.A.

Prelios S.p.A. (was Pirelli & C. Real Estate S.p.A. until October 2010) has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since May 2002. The company is active in the European property sector in the asset and fund management sectors. As part of that function, Prelios is responsible for the custodial management of the property portfolios with the aim of increasing their value by providing extensive services in the agency, property and facility management fields as well as strategically managing business dealings in funds and asset management.

Deutsche Land- und Jagd Immobilien

The Deutsche Land & Jagd-immobilien functions as an investment platform for a private family office.


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